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Excavator-mounted hydraulic drilling rig

Model: QL-Y45
Applications: drilling rock, concrete, granite
Product Description

Brief instruction:
Excavator-mounted hydraulic drilling rigs, which can be mounted on existing excavators, save the cost to equip with a hydraulic drilling jumbo, while provide same drilling performance. Compare to pneumatic rock drill, it's high-efficiency up to 0.5-1 meter per minute reuslt of our R&D, technology and design, Easy to installation and uninstall, not required to change excavator original operation system or oil system. In addition, it’s flexible and multifunction.

Municipal Engineering: Earth & stone engineering, demolition engineering, Road & bridge engineering, tunneling, digging, water conservancy engineering, etc.
Mining: quarrying, metal mine, coal mine, etc.
Operation objects:   suitable for various kind of rock, marble, limestone, granite, sandstone, boulder, concrete, reinforced concrete, etc.

1. Install on existing excavator, compare to hydraulic drilling jumbo, it’s cost-effective.
2. The drilling speed is five-fold compare to equivalent pneumatic rock drill.
3. Low consumption, only 1/3-1/4 consumption compare to equivalent pneumatic rock drill.
4. High-quality, long lifespan
5. Impact force is adjustable according to the drilling object.

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