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1.It has essential safety characteristics. From the storage, transportation, carrying, use, recycling and other aspects are very safe. The main machine is separated from the blasting equipment, and the time from filling to the end of blasting is short. It takes only 1-3 minutes to pour liquid carbon dioxide, and only 4 milliseconds from initiation to end. There is no squib in the implementation process, and there is no need to test the gun. The safety alert distance is short and there is no potential safety hazard. The blasting tube is easy to recover and can be used continuously.
2.Both directional blasting and time-delay control are possible, especially in special environments, such as residential district, tunnels, subways, underground,ect,. During the implementation process, there are no destructive vibrations and short waves, and no destructive impact on the surrounding environment.
3.The texture structure is not damaged in stone mining, and the yield and efficiency are high
4.No need for initiating explosive device storehouse, simple management, easy to learn,high mechanized, no need for professional personnel on duty.
5.Its performance is more prominent when it is used to the mine, whether it is high gas mine, rockburst mine, mine with complex hydrology and geological conditions or mine of easy to spontaneous combustion can be applied.
6.The source of the material is abundant, and the material can be obtained locally. Improve efficiency, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Reduce tedious approval procedures and management restrictions. Nothing is explosive until carbon dioxide is injected.
7.In order to obtain a larger equivalent power, different weight blasting tube can be used in parallel according to the site conditions.
8.In emergency rescue, all facilities can be consigned to any means of transportation. And detonator explosives are controlled goods, without this advantage. It can save a lot of rescue time.
Product description: KEJALI CO2 gas tank is used to storage of liquid CO2, It mainly used to inflate the gas expansion cracking tube.
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