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  • Enterprise core values

Inoculate the essence to buildthe infinitude perfection, this concept to indicate that KEJALI aspire to thehigh quality of the products. We will always supply the expected products andservice to all the customers.Take the trusts and loyalty of the customers asour successful pole beacon.

  • Enterprise mission

Take the technology innovation aspower, take the marketing as direction, take the best service as tenet, focuson the field of development and provide reliable added-service to the customer.

  • Enterprise prospection

Achieve the same steps ofinternational levels, do the best engineering machinery enterprise in China.

  • Management concept

Researching, developing andinnovation, striving for excellent.

  • Enterprise tenet

Keeping reputation and promise, explorevalues and create high efficiency for the customer, bring down the cost andsolve the problem of sustainable development of engineering machinery as ourtask.

  • Enterprise spirit

Be indomitable and brave ininnovation, keep pace  with the times, tobuild up a new image of modernized and international enterprise.

  • Developing strategy objective

Take Shenzhen as base, guided bycustomer and integrating the social and economic benefits as a target.Highlighting the strategy objective of the innovative machinery engineering.

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Hotline:+86 ‭‭18923427283‬